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Discover Yourself BBA

The BBA program is a unique residential program with a curriculum that facilitates the process of self-discovery in the initial years and then preparing for a career in business with the benefit of co-learning with MBA participants and mentoring by faculty and industry practitioners. Learn instruments, be a vocalist, paint on a canvass, trek on the mountains and still be Industry 4.0 professional. The idea is to have a broader vision to prepare the graduates for a 100-year life and create an agenda for self-discovery and an ability of ‘learning to learn’.


Key Differentiators

  • A BBA program which is accredited byAACSB and designed to help the graduate start their career at the same level as a typical fresh Indian MBA.
  • The BBA program is a unique residentialprogram with a curriculum that facilitates the process of self-discovery in the initial years and then preparing for a career in business with the benefit of co-learning
    with MBA participants and mentoring by faculty and industry practitioners.
  • Liberal professional program with coursesfrom all schools.
  • Projects in Social sector, industryimmersion, development of soft skills and entrepreneurial orientation.
  • Award winning practice courses RI, IIP,PEP and SIP.
  • Purposing, Mentoring and Career Winning.
  • Program from AACSB accredited andQS Ranked Business School, only one of its kind in India.
  • Domain Specialist top end faculty from MBA Program.
  • Strong relationship with corporates and placement support and proven record Campus facilities and location
  • Ability to pursue multiple degrees (passion + profession)
  • Provides a direct admission into JAGSOM’s MBA/PGDM program.

One can opt for a four-year BBA Honors degree with apprenticeship opportunities with 9 months of work experience with courses in additional professional minor area of choice.

Internationalization Options

JAGSoM BBA students will get an opportunity to study at top international universities after BBA program. JAGSoM has partnership with many leading B-schools for Degree Pathways. These institutions include:

. ESCP Europe

. ESC Rennes School of Business

. University of Wollongong, Sydney Business School

. University of New Castle

In this option, students can obtain a dual degree-after completing 1 or 2 years at JAGSoM, they can complete their 2nd or 3rd year at the partner institution in the areas being offered.
Interdisciplinary Majors from Partner Schools
  • Communication Design
  • Music & Entertainment Management
  • Legal Studies
Other Majors
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Digital Business & Analytics
  • Human Resource Management
JAGSoM BBA Practice Courses
  • Personality Enhancement Program: A life-skill and lifestyle-oriented program, this course addresses issues of wellness and essential skills like communication, negotiation, cross-cultural orientation to groom a holistic individual.
  • Design Thinking and Innovation Incubation: This program empowers the participants to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and enables them to tackle business problems & challenges through creativity and innovation
  • Research Incubation: Students receive faculty mentoring and gain practitioner input to develop research projects. The initiative is featured in the list of best practices in the Asia Pacific.
  • Social Immersion Program: Students undertake immersion with NGOs in rural areas. Students learn to design solutions for social problems through a Techno Economic Viability (TEV) study, thereby enabling sustainable, socially positive, and measurable impact on UN SDGs.
  • Industry Internship Program: designed for providing an opportunity to the students to apply their learnings in a real live work environment
  • Effective Execution: Providing an opportunity to students to own and work in small committees on issues that will help develop their own alma mater.
  • Non Core Courses
  • Core Courses
  • Electives

1. Understanding Consumer and Markets
2. Self-Management and Purposing
3. Business Leadership and History
4. Applications of Microeconomics
5. Macro-economic Environment of Business

1. Spread Sheet Modelling
2. Quantitative Techniques in Management
3. Introduction to Accounting and Finance
4. Principles of Management
5. Proficiency in Business Tools
6. Introduction to Digital Business
7. Managerial Accounting
8. Business Economics
9. Behavioral Science
10. Human Capital Management
11. Marketing Management
12. Design Thinking

Digital Business and Analytics
  1. Business Data Visualization
  2. Data Management Systems and Data Engineering
  3. Predictive Analytics in Business
  4. E-Commerce
  5. Coding Business Application with R and Python
  6. Business Requirement Analysis
  7. Decision Making Science
  8. HR Metrics and Scorecard
  9. Human Resource Analytics
  10. Financial Technologies
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  1. Innovation and Creativity
  2. Entrepreneurial Marketing
  3. Entrepreneurial Finance
  4. People Management in Entrepreneurial Firms
  5. Experiential Entrepreneurship
Human Resources
  1. Competency Based Strategy Staffing
  2. Learning and Development
  3. Strategic Human Resource Management
  4. Total Rewards Management
  5. Human Resource Analytics
  6. HR Metrics and Score Card
  7. Psychometric Testing
  8. People Management in Entrepreneurial Firms
  9. Block Chain and Business Applications
  10. Business Data Visualization
  1. Sales and Distribution Management
  2. Consumer Behavior
  3. Integrated Marketing Communication
  4. Services marketing
  5. B2B Marketing
  6. Marketing Research
  7. Brand Management
  8. Retail Marketing
  9. Digital and Social Media Marketing
  10. Marketing Analytics
  11. Innovation and Creativity
  12. Entrepreneurial Marketing
  1. Financial Systems and Markets
  2. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  3. Wealth Management
  4. Corporate and Retail Banking
  5. Business Valuation and Private Equity
  6. Financial technologies
  7. Corporate Finance
  8. Financial Accounting &Financial Statement Analysis
  9. Customer Relationship Management
  10. Business data Visualization
  11. Block Chain and Business Applications
  12. Business Forecasting
School Of Design
  1. Language and Storytelling
  2. Visual Communication
  3. Any Body Can Draw (ABCD)
  4. Fundamentals of Copywriting
  5. Fundamentals of Photography
  6. Basics- design Tool Learning
  7. Real to Reel: Basics of Filmmaking
  8. Fundamentals of Branding
School of Law
  1. Commercial Contract Law
  2. Music and Law
  3. Negotiation and Mediation
  4. Law, Business and Society
  5. Law and Method
  6. Law of Contracts
  7. Constitutional Law
School of Music
  1. Anybody Can Drum
  2. Bollywood Music and Indian Culture
  3. Bollywood Singing 101
  4. Introduction to Music Fundamentals
  5. Introduction to Piano and Music Theory
  6. Introduction to Rhythm
  7. Fundamentals of Western Vocals
  8. Fundamentals of Guitar
  9. Fundamentals of Piano
  10. Fundamentals of Bass
  11. Fundamentals of Drums
  12. Fundamentals of Hindustani Playback Vocals
School of Data Science
  1. Quantum Physics- the Dance of Atoms
  2. English for Business and Technical Communication
  3. introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python 1
  4. Calculus Demystified-1
  5. Foundations of Probability and Statistics for Data Science
  6. Mathematics for Computer Science
  7. Chemistry- Nature Secret to Success
  8. Analytics for Business Using Excel
  9. Linear (College) Algebra Demystified-1
  10. AI For Application 1 Performing Arts, Law, Management
  11. Arts and Science of Storytelling with Data Visualization
School of Humanities and Arts
  1. Creative Writing and Story Telling
  2. Theatre in Management and Leadership Principles
  3. Symbolic Logic
  4. Sociology and Social Anthropology
  5. Psychology
  6. Environmental Sciences and Sustainability

Admission Process

Admission Selection Process
  • Step1 : Fill in the  Application Form
  • Step 2: VUSAT entrance – Every aspirant will need to write the VUSAT and attain the prescribed  eligible score and also appear for the Admission Selection Process (ASP) to become eligible for admission to Vijaybhoomi University
  • Step 3: Personal Interview post clearing VUSAT – The candidate appears for Admission Selection Process (ASP) in front of a panel comprising of Dean of any school or faculty members from Vijaybhoomi University.
  • Step 4: Evaluation and Offer
Eligibility Criteria
  • 50 percent in XII grade or Senior Secondary School Exam or any other equivalent exam
  • VUSAT and Admission Selection Process (ASP)Score greater than cutoff value as prescribed by the Admissions Committee
  • Qualifying Exams: IPMAT and CUET
Fee Structure
Course (Karjat, Greater Mumbai) Duration Accreditations Total Course Fees (INR) Brochure to Download Date of Commencement
BBA Honors 4 years (3 years Exit Option with BBA degree) Vijaybhoomi University, AACSB 16 Lakhs (12 Lakhs for BBA degree) BBA Brochure Sep- 22
BBA + MBA (Integrated) 5 years Vijaybhoomi University, AACSB 21 Lakhs BBA+MBA Brochure Sep- 22
Admission Queries

1. What are the BBA Majors offered by JAGSoM?

JAGSoM offers 4 Majors in BBA: Marketing Major, Finance Major, HRM Major, and Analytics & Digital Business. JAGSoM also offers interdisciplinary majors from partner schools which are Communication Design, Music and Entertainment Management and Legal Studies. These programs are targeted to groom professionals who are domain specialists and at the same time, can appreciate the interplay of various functions of management. This is a win-win for both the students and recruiters.

2. How and where do I appear for the selection process?

We will be conducting the entire selection process over virtual mode. The process would comprise of filling the application form followed by VU-Sat and the Personal Interview. Instructions will be sent to you via email after your application gets shortlisted for the program opted. For further information kindly reach us @ 9900067702

3. When do I get to know my selection result?
It’s a rolling process. The results will be announced within 3-4 days of the process. Hence it is important to accept the offer early to avoid losing your admission.

4. When do I need to block my seat?
Post selection process the seat needs to be blocked within the stipulated time as mentioned in your offer letter.

5. When does the fees have to be paid?
The program fee needs to be cleared as per the fee schedule. The registration fees needs to be paid immediately on acceptance of the offer.

6. How do I choose a particular program?
You can choose any particular program offered under JAGSOM by opting in the common application form through declaring your program preferences.

7. Will there be any financial assistance?
Yes, we do have tie-up with banks to provide you required financial assistance. To know more kindly reach us at 9900067702.