MBA Courses Mumbai

What is JAGSoM MBA?

AACSB Accredited and globally ranked Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) has launched an MBA program designed for new age professional roles that require creativity, innovation, design thinking and imagination.

Learn instruments, be a vocalist, trek on the mountains, and still be Industry 4.0 professional. The idea is to have a broader vision to prepare the graduates for a 100-year life and create an agenda for self-discovery and an ability of ‘learning to learn’.

How is the industry changing?

Organizations are getting more organized, digitized, and differentiation is becoming as difficult as pinning a medal on a shadow. There is a growing need for professionals in managerial roles who can leap headfirst into a problem rather than spend time, effort, money in ruminating, researching and treading the beaten path – the future needs managers who move quickly beyond analytical thinking and are courageous and confident enough to act in unprecedented manners to solve the problem. Think Steve Jobs, think Musk, think Branson. These are living examples of business leaders who are strong right brain thinkers, too!

What is the uniqueness of this course?

  • The program is delivered by creative domain specialist faculty, with multi-decade experience in innovative problem solutions for commercial clients.
  • Interdisciplinary Majors offered in ‘Music & Entertainment’ in collaboration with True School of Music.
  • Interdisciplinary Majors in ‘Design Management” with a focus on Communication Design in collaboration with Vijaybhoomi School of Design.
  • Liberal Professional Curriculum offering flexibility and opportunities for Self-Discovery & Personality Development.

What is the scope post completingthe course?

New Age companies aiming for diversity and non-linear thinking will find graduates of this program the right fit to bring in the desired balance specially in emerging industries like Media, OTT, Design, Content, Marcom and Entertainment.

Course of Study

What makes our program unique?

The program will groom professionals to be right-brain thinkers and doers, by bringing in sensorial elements such as design, storytelling, empathy, symphony, play and meaning.

Course Highlights

  • Spreadsheet Modelling
  • Quantitative Techniques in Management
  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance
  • Principles of Management
  • Personality Growth Lab/ Outbound Leadership Lab
  • ABCD-Art Workshop
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Business Data Visualization
  • Data Management Systems and Data Engineering
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics in Business
  • E-Commerce
  • Coding Business Application with R and Python
  • Digital Design and Innovation
  • Introduction to digital Technologies
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Analytics
  • Enterprise Digital Transformation
  • Business Requirement Analysis
  • Digital Project Management
  • Cloud Computing For Business Value
  • Advanced Predictive Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Block Chain and Business Applications
  • Business Forecasting
  • Computer Vision and Image Analytics Managerial Applications
  • Financial Technologies
  • Optimization Analytics
  • Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis
  • RPA and Automation
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Information Security and Cyber Law
  • Talent Management in New Age
  • Competency Based Strategic Staffing
  • Learning & Development
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Total Rewards Management
  • Human Resource Analytics
  • HR Metrics and Score’Card
  • Organizational Development and Change
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Employee Relations & Labor Laws
  • Managerial Psychology in Action
  • Leadership in New Age
  • Sales Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Services Marketing
  • B2B Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Retail Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Distribution Management
  • IT Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial System and Markets
  • Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Corporate and Retail Banking
  • Financial Modelling
  • Business Valuation and Private Equity
  • Financial Services
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Derivatives
  • International Financial Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Principles and Practices of Banking
  • Financial Trading Lab
  • Financial Inclusion, Rural Banking and Microfinance
  • MSME Financing
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Music Production
  • Sound Engineering and Production
  • Contemporary Performance
  • Hindustani Playback Vocals
  • Music Production and Performance


  • Animation
  • Filmmaking
  • Photography
  • Interactive Design (UI/UX)


  • Visual Identity (Logo) Design
  • Branding and Packaging
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Presentation Design
  • Product Photography
  • Fashion Photography


  • Business Laws
  • Intellectual Property Laws
  • International Law and International Trade
  • Technology/Cyber Law

Core Courses

i. Proficiency in Business Tools
ii. Introduction to digital business
iii. Managerial Accounting
iv. Business Economics
v. Behavioral Science
vi. Human Capital Management
vii. Marketing Management
viii. Decision Making Science
ix. Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
x. Business Strategy and Simulations
xi. Service Process Management
xii. Corporate Finance


Music and Entertainment Management
Communication Design
Legal Studies
Digital Business Analytics

Importance in Industry
Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay
Director JAGSoM

“As the world shifted from industrial age to knowledge age and now moves towards conceptual age; creativity, empathy, symphony, play and imagination has become essential in the new era. Mainstream MBA programs not only admit but also groom their graduates for skills of logic, analysis, and focus. This unique program will groom professionals who would complement the left-brain professionals, by bringing in sensory elements like design, storytelling, empathy, symphony, play and meaning. New age companies aiming for diversity and non-linear thinking will find graduates of this program the right fit to bring in the desired balance.”

According to the World Economic Forum’s Report on Top 10 skills required for 2025, “Analytical thinking and innovation” tops the list; “Creativity, Originality and Initiative” is 5th in the list, and “Reasoning, Problem-solving and Ideation” is at #10.

In other words, 3 out of Top 10 Skills that will determine a student’s employability and success as a Business Manager starting 2025, revolve around creativity and innovative problem-solving. QED.

Differentiation is becoming as tough as hanging a medal on a shadow as organizations become more structured and digital. There is an increasing demand for managers who can dive headfirst into a problem rather than ruminating, researching, and treading the well-worn path – the future requires managers who can move quickly beyond analytical thinking and are courageous and confident enough to act in novel ways to solve problems.

Graduates of this curriculum will be ideal for new age firms seeking diversity and non-linear thinking, particularly in developing areas such as media, OTT, design, content, marketing, and entertainment.

Campus Life

The campus provides comfortable shared accommodation for the students. The student residences have been designed to provide co-living spaces for nurturing lifelong networks with peer students. After all, friendship and co-living help one develop respect for individuality, build tolerance and teach coexistence.
Each student is provided with a uniquely designed self-contained living unit consisting of a comfortable bed, storage space and cosy tucked-in study space

Student Life

I like the aura of this place that is situated in the midst of the Sahyadri range. The weather is good for me to focus on my studies and other endeavours. I play badminton in the evening, and spend time with my friends as well. I can say that I am developing on various aspects of life.

Sakshi Ramsubramanian
3rd Year BBA, Jagsom

The nature cover around is inspiring and motivating for innovative ideas; the vibes from diverse cultures bring a lot of energy to the campus. Even the faculty tries and leans forward every effort to provide the best learning experience.

T. Aswini Patro
2nd Year BBA, Jagsom

Effective Execution Committees

The Effective Execution intervention aims at enhancing the ability of students to address the challenges of collaboration, conflict resolution, timely and cost-effective execution of critical activities to achieve specific milestones in institution building activities.

The course focuses on developing execution skills of management students by focusing on ‘Learning by Doing’ as managers and future leaders. Students are expected to understand the role and responsibility of a manager, cognitive ambidexterity of an administrator and agile leadership style of an effective leader while facing the ambiguity of the VUCA world.

Each first-year student compulsorily becomes the part of one committee. The student is empowered to take a lead or a collaborative role to envision the committee’s developmental goals, strategic goals, and streamline routine activities.

Sl No. Effective Execution Committees
1. Banking Committee
2. Analytics Committee
3. Martech Committee
4. Fintech Committee
5. Capital Markets
6. HR Committee
7. PEP and Student Affairs Committee
8. Sales & Service Committee
9. Admission Committee
10. Alumni Committee
11. CSR Committee
12. External Relations and Placements
13. PR & Digital Marketing
14. IC committee
15. Academic & Competition Committee
16. Cultural Committee
17. Innovation Incubation Committee


Career Building

Design Thinking and Innovation Incubation

This program empowers the participants to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and enables them to tackle business problems & challenges through creativity and innovation.

Research Incubation

Students receive faculty mentoring and gain practitioner input to develop research projects. The initiative is featured in the list of best practices in the Asia Pacific.

Industry Internship Program

Designed for providing an opportunity to the students to apply their learnings in a real life work environment

Personality Enhancement Program

A life-skill and lifestyle-oriented program, this course addresses issues of wellness and essential skills like communication, negotiation, cross-cultural orientation to groom a holistic individual.

Social Immersion Program

Students undertake immersion with NGOs in rural areas. Students learn to design solutions for social problems through a Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) study, thereby enabling sustainable, socially positive, and measurable impact on UN SDGs.

Effective Execution

Providing an opportunity to students to own and work in small committees on issues that will help develop their own alma mater.