Industry Integration @ JAGSOM

The industry is a full-cycle partner at JAGSOM the from curriculum design to being the end-user of the talent stream. The 2019 curriculum revision has been possible only with insights received from the industry in terms of skills that are likely to be in demand in the context of the emerging industry landscape. Nearly 300 industry executives participated in the detailed study that was carried out along with NHRDN. To get a copy of the report titled ‘Curricula 4.0: Creating Future Managers’, please click here. The study resulted in a Career Track focus with a deep emphasis on creating T-Shaped Professionals across seven career tracks – Martech, Fintech, Sales & Services, Capital Markets, Banking, Analytics, and Digital HR. These career tracks lead students towards better readiness to fit into the needs of Industry 4.0.

As a crucial stakeholder, Industry is a partner in the Admission Selection Process, Corporate Mentoring Program, Request-for-Problems, Mock Group Discussions and Interviews, Industry Internship Program and eventually as end consumers of the graduating talent. In short, the engagement with the industry does not start or end with the guest lectures.

Due to the nature of the business ecosystem prevalent in Bangalore and Mumbai, it is possible to draw from the rich expertise across sectors including new-age companies, tech startups, unicorns, and other diverse success stories.

Admissions Selection Process (ASP):

A member of the industry is a member of the interview panels responsible for making admission recommendations into our programs, whose participation makes the admission process richer and aligned to industry expectations of the future members of the workforce.

Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP)

Early into the program, each student is assigned to an industry executive early, who helps the student frame her/his career goals and learn about emerging opportunities in the industry. This process helps students self-discover themselves and their professional aspirations. This program practically lasts for four terms, starting in the Second Term and ending in the Fifth Term.

We are proud to have been associated with 137 mentors from 115 Companies over the past 5 years.

Request for Problems (RFP)

RFP is a crucial component of the newly revised curriculum within the T Shaped Professional model. It is also an integral component of the Career Track program. Student teams work under faculty guidance and an industry mentor work on resolving an industry partner provided business problem.

A selection of student white papers arising out of 2020 projects has been published as an edited volume titled Learning by Solving, A compilation of White Papers. This can be downloaded here. In 2021, 34 corporate partners have signed up for this initiative.

Mock Group Discussions and Personal Interviews

To ensure student readiness to step into the corporate world, Co-Curricular interventions such as Mock Group Discussions and Personal Interview Sessions are organised in partnership with the industry across the length of the programme. This exercise helps the students to better appreciate the Corporate Expectations. for the students to better understand the corporate expectations. The industry executives leading it are also able to get a view into the progress of the participants over a period. The students gain from the personalized feedback received from the industry executives.

A Mock Personal Interview in progress

Students in a corporate mentoring session led by an industry executive

Industry Internship Program (IIP)

After the completion of the entire coursework, students step into the Industry Internship Program, which is an 18-week duration, faculty-supervised, industry partnered practice course. Students embed themselves into the industry for this duration and practically work as part of the respective organizations. Most students are absorbed in the same organization where they step in for their industry internship. This program carries nearly 9% credits (10 credits out of a minimum of 109 credits) of the overall program which underscores its importance for the participants. The industry evaluation component of the programme is 40%, which ensures student commitment to their internship. For more details on how to be a partner, do visit here.


Confluence is JAGSOM’s industry conference, which is conducted to bring together academia and industry to collaborate and work together.

The 6th edition - Confluence 2019 was very significant as it marked the launch of the Index of Service Excellence in India(iSEI) by Dr A. Parasuraman, James W. McLamore Chair & Professor of Marketing at University of Miami, and Dr Jagdish Sheth, unveiling the ‘JAGSOM-AIM Parasuraman Centre of Service Excellence’ at Hotel Taj Vivanta, MG Road, Bengaluru on 26, July 2019.

Several eminent academicians and professionals from Industry attended the event and participated in panel discussions and brainstorming.

You can reach the following to participate in the following initiatives:

Corporate Mentorship

Prof Shaji Kurian

Corporate partnership in the Request-for-Problem initiative

Prof Rajesh Kumar

Industry Internship Program and/or hiring

Mr Suraj Srivastava
AVP, Corporate Relations

To be part of the Admission Selection Process

Prof Raj Chakraborthy