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Fidgety in the city? Try this toy

Spinning, we have been told, makes you feel like you are losing control. But a new toy in that market, which spins with one flick of the finger, is making people feel just the opposite. They say this toy -- the fidget spinner -- helps them feel more in control and even helps them cope with conditions such as ADHD and severe anxiety.

Author : | Source : The New Indian Express | Date : 19th June, 2018.
Govt colleges in Bangalore not yet ready for digital drive

The Government Science College (GSC) on Nrupathunga Road, established in 1921, is the only state-run educational institution with the `college with potential for excellence' tag, an A-grade rating and autonomy combined. This makes it arguably the best in its category

Author : | Source : EconomicTimes | Date : 14th June, 2018.
Importance of bespoke education in a management classroom

Flexibility to personalize has been the key in delivering everything today, whether it is products or services. While the education has remained straightjacketed to rigid structures developed decades ago with the industrialisation age, education should be flexible to take aspirations and interests into account.

Author : | Source : The HANS INDIA | Date : 10th June, 2017.
IFIM aims to develop job creators of the future

IFIM Business School kicked off the new academic year and welcomed the 23rd batch of its PGDM students during the student induction ceremony held in Bangalore. The event saw the fresh batch of students being introduced to IFIM’s vision to shape careers and nurturing them for a future of entrepreneurship.

Author : | Source : Pocket News Alert | Date : 7th June, 2017.